As AI tools continue to evolve, they’re becoming essential components of many organizations’ digital marketing strategies. These tools assist marketers with various tasks, including research, ideation, content planning, optimization, review, and performance analysis. In our recent webinar, Kerry Harrison highlighted how AI tools can help copywriters enhance their efficiency and creativity. Here’s a concise guide on how AI can revolutionize your copywriting process.

Main AI Tools for Copywriting

There are four key AI-powered chatbots to consider for copywriting:

  1. ChatGPT (OpenAI)
  2. Claude (Anthropic)
  3. Gemini (Google)
  4. Copilot (Microsoft)

These tools each have unique features and strengths, making them versatile allies for different copywriting needs.

How to Use AI for Copywriting

  1. Conduct Research:
    • Explain Complex Terms: AI can simplify difficult concepts, making them accessible to various audiences.
    • Summarize Content: Quickly get the gist of lengthy documents to decide if they’re worth your time.
    • Explore Different Perspectives: Gain insights into your target audience’s dreams, desires, fears, and frustrations.
  2. Generate Ideas:
    • Overcome Writer’s Block: Use AI to brainstorm ideas and suggest alternative phrases to keep your writing fresh.
    • Generate Content Ideas: AI can provide a variety of starting points for your content, helping you move past initial creative hurdles.
  3. Create First Drafts:
    • AI Sandwich Model: Combine human intelligence with AI-generated drafts and human refinement. Start with your idea, let AI create a draft, then refine it with your expertise.
  4. Edit Content:
    • Enhance Your Copy: Use AI to suggest improvements and provide feedback, guiding you towards clearer and more fluent content.

Key AI Copywriting Tools

ChatGPT (OpenAI):

Google Gemini:

Claude (Anthropic):

Microsoft Copilot:


AI tools are powerful allies in copywriting, aiding in research, ideation, drafting, and editing. By leveraging these tools effectively, copywriters can enhance their efficiency and creativity, ensuring their content stands out in the digital marketing landscape. Embrace AI as a partner to augment your creativity, not replace it, and watch your copywriting skills soar to new heights.

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